In Victoria West the farms kapokfontein and Zeekoegat were purchased in order to establish the village. 1843 when the sites was selected as a new parish for the Dutch Reformed Church in the upper karoo, north of the established parish in Beaufort West.

The plots on the farm Zeekoegat in the valley between the hills were sold on public auction in 1844. There were a few interesting condition included in the sale of the plot.
• To build a house on the plot within four years
• To plant quinces, pomegranates and elder trees.

Thrown in to the deal was the right for each land resident to gaze 20 oxen, two cows, two horses some sheep and goats. The residents were forbidden to sell wine or Brandy.

The church council named the village Victoria in honour of Queen Victoria who had ascended to the British Throne seven years prior to the establishment of the town. The West was added in 1855 to avoid confusion with the district of Victoria in the Eastern Cape.

27th February 1871 Victoria West suffered a cataclysmic flood that destroyed much of the town and was responsible for more than 60 human casualties.